AWS TGW VPN using Unify UDM

Transit Gateway (TGW) is a managed cloud router service provided by AWS and it supports direct VPN attachment.

The setup is little bit tricky as UDM doesn’t support BGP.

1. Create a Customer Gateway
Select Dynamic routing and enter your router public IP

2. Create VPN Profile
Select your local transit gateway & customer gateway just created.
Routing options need to be static for this one.

3. Add UDM IP ranges into VPC routing table
Set the target as local transit gateway

4. Also add UDM IP ranges into transit gateway routing table
attachments are two VPN endpoints created above

5. Add VPN profile in UDM
Ensure ‘Dynamic Routing’ is enabled in advance option
It seems like remote subnets defined here is for routing table so if you try to make 2nd tunnel with the same remote subnets then it will reject it.

6. Test
Your VPN profile will now show up as “UP” and traffic should be routable for both directions. Check your security group if it doesn’t work.
In Network Manager, your VPN status will show up as impaired as 2nd tunnel is not set.