Unlock Optus ZTE F286

Looks like this phone is getting remarkably popular with Optus Netflix deal.

The best price for paid unlock code I looked up was $2 which seems… not so reasonable for $15 phone.

So here is the free version.

1 - Find ZTE unlock code generator somewhere in the web. e.g) http://unlock.electronicinside.com/zte-free-unlock-code-3.htm

2 - Switch ON your Phone WITHOUT SIM Card, 3 - Then dial : *983*8284# 4 - Enter Unlock/ NCK /NP code generated from above. 5 - Your phone will shut down automatically 6 - Put non-Optus SIM and try if it works

As usual, at your own risk. I don’t run the calculator site so don’t know how it works internally. Hence I can’t give any guarantee whether it will work with your phone or not.