Fix Hadoop leap second bug without rebooting

Source: Applied our hadoop node having CPU usage issue. (CentOS)

Change iMessage & Facetime phone number in case of verification failure

Happened me after carrier change. Keep picking up SIM build-in number rather than my old number ported in later.

Device credential for Cisco license lookup and transfer in CLI: license save credential flash0:/credentials.lic more flash0:/credentials.lic Try SSH if you can’t get full strings from serial connection.

ZeroMQ - PHP client & Python server with multi part message example

Using pyobj or php data serialisation is not an option in this case.

hubot pandora bot adapter

# Chat with pandora bot # # ai <anything> – PANDORA AI # QS = require “querystring” xml2js = require ‘xml2js’ module.

cloudmailin hipchat hubot script

Took really long time to deduce workaround… :S Set cloudmailin as

Python - write compressed log file into HDFS for hadoop hive mapreduce

import pyhdfs from cStringIO import StringIO import binascii -snip- #Set hdfs connection info hdfsaddress = “namenode” hdfsport = 12345 hdfsfn = “filename” #gzip compression level clevel = 1 -snip- logger.

Facebook scribe with hdfs

packages: libevent hadoop-0.20-libhdfs JDK for hdfs support Boost ./

Flume DFO local storage usage check

It might be useful when flume driver failed. !/usr/bin/perl #Check flume DFO directory size sub trim($); use strict; use warnings; my $exit=0; my $backlog_size = `du -s flume | awk {‘print \$1’}`; $backlog_size = trim($backlog_size); if ( !

Default fixed version value when creating an issue in JIRA

You can try to add some JavaScript code to the field that will perform required operation for you, in this case it should be ‘Fix Version’ field.