Salesforce CLI with Docker in AWS

Auth was the tricky part as the normal auth requires a browser session rather than taking it from the CLI prompt.

Pooq Proxy

This is my current setup for watching Pooq in Australia for anyone interested.

Generate custom x509 certificate in Okta

* Requires API key with admin access, least for the target app

Selenium test with docker-compose

Sample config file when using selenium standalone during test. docker-compose YAML

AWS KMS - two liners

For binary encrypted output: aws kms encrypt --region ap-southeast-2 --key-id alias/blah --plaintext fileb://blah --output text --query CiphertextBlob | base64 --decode > blah.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. Had to contact Microsoft support to receive default file.

Curl net performance test

Print out CloudFront X-Amz-Cf-Id when response time is slower than set threshold.

Replace Mercedes-Benz B250 cabin(pollen) filter replacement DIY

Quoted $300+ from dealer shop which I know a serious rip-off price for mere carbon filter.

MongoDB to DynamoDB

Attempted to convert rather large mongo dump to dynamo. Seems like AWS data pipeline is most elegant way to do this if one can workaround with dynamo non-standard json format issue.

Europe Travel 2016

Turkey - Istanbul Good: Nice people and food Bad: Syrian refugees(=security risks), bit too excessive street sales