Default fixed version value when creating an issue in JIRA

You can try to add some JavaScript code to the field that will perform required operation for you, in this case it should be ‘Fix Version’ field. You can refer to this documentation as a guideline:

In order to get the ID for the specific version, you need to check the ID from the database. For example, you can run the following SQL query in the database:

SELECT ID, PROJECT, vname FROM projectversion;

Once you found the ID for the specific version (i.e. ‘Backlog’), you need to access to the ‘Administration’ > ‘Fields’ > ‘Field Configuration’ and click on the Edit link for the Fix Version field. Then, add the following code into the description field on that page:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (document.getElementById("fixVersions").value == "")
{ document.getElementById("fixVersions").value = "10005"; }


Please change the value ‘10005’ to the ID value that you found from the database.


delete mplayerx history

launch Terminal, and use the command to clear the history - tested.

defaults delete org.niltsh.MPlayerX.LSSharedFileList RecentDocuments

prevent history being created, not tested
defaults write org.niltsh.MPlayerX NSRecentDocumentsLimit 0


Atlassian crowd authentication directory address force update

When you migrate atlassian product (confluence, jira etc etc) to somewhere else, your backup file includes fixed crowd address which is not gonna work for some cases.

Since Atlassian moved directory configuration from fixed config file to database,
you will need to execute following:

update cwd_directory_attribute set attribute_value = ‘http://crowd:8095/crowd/’ where attribute_name = ‘crowd.server.url’;

Cisco Router config for ACME PACKET

 authentication username -snip- password 7 -snip-
 registrar dns:realm.domain expires 3600
 sip-server dns:realm.domain

voice service voip
 no ip address trusted authenticate
 allow-connections sip to sip
 no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily
 fax protocol pass-through g711alaw
 modem passthrough nse codec g711alaw
  localhost dns:realm.domain
  outbound-proxy dns:sip-server

Note: realm.domain doesn't have to be real(public) domain.
Each phone-dn will have own registration.


Using additional public ip address over pppoe nat with cisco router

To allocate router a non-NAT IP (for AWS VPC etc etc)

1. Create a loopback interface and put given ip & subnet
2. profit!


ip nat inside source route-map NONAT interface Dialer1 overload
ip nat inside source static 192.168.?.? PUBLIC_IP_HERE