Month: May 2015

Contract position

Market standard is 30% extra compare to similar perm position, pro-rata basis.
Can claim expense for pretty much all the things, if there’s any.

9.5% superannuation
3% agency fee (bit cheaper if you manage your tax bits and indemnity insurance by yourself)
8.3% annual leave (20 working days = 4 weeks)
4.16% personal leave (10 working days = 2 weeks)
in total: 24.96%

IMO, 5% income boost + some additional tax deduction doesn’t really make much sense.

Not sure it’s worth leave perm job.

dn;tl: It’s not simple 30% salary bump trade off for job security

Unlock Optus ZTE F286

Looks like this phone is getting remarkably popular with Optus Netflix deal.

The best price for paid unlock code I looked up was $2 which seems… not so reasonable for $15 phone.

So here is the free version.

1 – Find ZTE unlock code generator somewhere in the web.

2 – Switch ON your Phone WITHOUT SIM Card,
3 – Then dial : *983*8284#
4 – Enter Unlock/ NCK /NP code generated from above.
5 – Your phone will shut down automatically
6 – Put non-Optus SIM and try if it works

As usual, at your own risk. I don’t run the calculator site so don’t know how it works internally.
Hence I can’t give any guarantee whether it will work with your phone or not.

rpmlib(FileDigests) / rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed

This means you are attemping to install a RPM created in CentOS6+ from CentOS5.

For backward compatibility, rebuild rpm like: rpmrebuild -e -p xyz.rpm

Then add below:

%define _binary_filedigest_algorithm 1
%define _binary_payload w9.gzdio

Not sure why all the guys in Google search results says it’s not gonna work blah..