Month: January 2014

Convert .xva to .qcow2 (or raw)

Figured out while running below work.

Got the hint from:
And got modded .py from:

1. run tar -xvf {image}.xva

2. python  –convert=./Ref\:directory_here/ test.img

enmigrate 0.7.4 — 2011.09.13
(c)2011 Jolokia Networks and Mark Pace —

convert ref dir : ./Ref:3660/
to raw file : test.img
last file : 20484
disk image size : 20 GB

RW notification every: 1.0GB
Converting: 1.0GBrw 2.0GBrw 3.0GBrw 4.0GBrw 5.0GBrw 6.0GBrw 7.0GBrw 8.0GBrw 9.0GBrw 10.0GBrw 11.0GBrw 12.0GBrw 13.0GBrw 14.0GBrw 15.0GBrw 16.0GBrw 17.0GBrw 18.0GBrw 19.0GBrw 20.0GBrw
Successful convert

Then qemu-img convert -O qcow2 test.img test.qcow2

Run Citrix NetScaler VPX from KVM

1. Download Hyper-V image and extract .vhd

2. Covert it via running:
qemu-img convert -O qcow2 NSVPX-ESX-10.1-119.7_nc-disk1.vhd NSVPX-XEN-10.1-119.7_nc.qcow2

3. Create a VM, mount the image.

4. Login via nsroot/nsroot and run ‘config ns’ for initial network setup.
Oddly, this menu doesn’t list routing option including default gateway.
Add it manually via ‘config add route your_gateway_ip’

P.S: choose virtual interface type as ‘virtio’ seems like e1000 is not working for some reason
P.S2: The ‘Host ID’ for license is mac address of the interface without :

Bacula daily (or weekly) email report for postgres DB

Dell Chat Support

Sick of telling phonetic code over the phone?

Try dell chat support here:

Copy & paste friendly and upload attachment feature available.

It only works till midnight CST.