Capture bash command error in file

Neat trick to capture STDERR into a text file for the next command but also exit with the preserved exit code after then.

Lookup CMK for a test in CDK

Add a CMK in CDK was easy, then when I looked into a way to reference the resource using findResources, faced constant failure as for some reason CDK can’t really pickup the key based on the alias.

Extract TLD from string by bash

Faced this interesting use case when I need to extract TLD from the provided hostname string.

Old Twitter Deleter My new personal project automatically clean up old tweets.

Add HTTP auth username into envoy proxy logging

Oddly couldn’t find any useful copy & paste solution for this.

Sony WH-1000XM4 noise issue

My less than 6m old Sony WH-1000XM4 suddenly started making wind like static noise from the right side only.

fargate container healthcheck

Long story in short, unlike what suggests, fargate doesn’t have curl.

Exclude a Kotlin subproject from Gradle Jacoco

In my project, one of the subproject is NodeJS hence the usual Jacoco setup:

TrueImage DS918+

TrueImage can’t be installed on DS918+ To bypass it, download the docker package from below URL and get a hex editor.

[BASH] Repeat Build Step

When you need to print out YAML build step for multiple environments.