Bacula daily (or weekly) email report for postgres DB

This now moved to:

Dell Chat Support

Sick of telling phonetic code over the phone? Try dell chat support here: http://www.

Disable msi with minimal interruption

ifconfig eth0 down rmmod bnx2 modprobe bnx2 disable_msi=1 ifconfig eth0 up route add -net default netmask 0.

3TB partition support in Linux

Make a GPT partition: parted /dev/sda mklabel gpt unit TB mkpart primary 0 -0 quit Format with 1% root reservation:

How to increase VM disk size without re-deploy the machine

Ref: [root@demo ~]# fdisk /dev/sda -Create a primary partition-

L2L VPN with ASA - Connection established but no packet coming from one side

Symtom: 1. Connection established. 2. 0 en/decapsulated packet from one side.

Fix Hadoop leap second bug without rebooting

Source: Applied our hadoop node having CPU usage issue. (CentOS)

Change iMessage & Facetime phone number in case of verification failure

Happened me after carrier change. Keep picking up SIM build-in number rather than my old number ported in later.

Device credential for Cisco license lookup and transfer in CLI: license save credential flash0:/credentials.lic more flash0:/credentials.lic Try SSH if you can’t get full strings from serial connection.

ZeroMQ - PHP client & Python server with multi part message example

Using pyobj or php data serialisation is not an option in this case.