Merging multiple avro files into single file using python

Couldn’t find any good example from Web so made one by myself.

Catches novated lease company never tell you

Some knowledges I have accuqired from using novated lease for last 2+ years.

CDH 5.2.0 spark history server issue

5.2.0-1.cdh5.2.0.p0.36 has been released couple of days ago. It has a small bug with its spark bit, which make unable to start spark history server.

Simple pull to refresh

1. Get stuffs from 2. Add below in head section.

Foreman + Puppet autosign.conf doesn't work

Issue: 1. Foreman generates auto sign entry when /provision called first time.

Log compression for Cloudera Manager Hadoop

Cloudera manager uses standard log4j which doesn’t support compression by itself.

Puppet Dell iDRAC control

if $::manufacturer == 'Dell Inc.' { exec { 'Disable DRAC SNMP': command =>; 'racadm config -g cfgOobSnmp -o cfgOobSnmpAgentEnable 0', path =>; '/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin:/bin', onlyif =>; '/usr/bin/test `/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/racadm getconfig -g cfgOobSnmp -o cfgOobSnmpAgentEnable` -eq 1', } } Yea, I think onlyif bit is not nice.

Generate Bacula client cert/key pair via Puppet

exec {'generate client key file': command => '/usr/bin/openssl genrsa -out /bacula/bacula-client.

Convert .xva to .qcow2 (or raw)

Figured out while running below work. Got the hint from: http://jolokianetworks.

Run Citrix NetScaler VPX from KVM

1. Download Hyper-V image and extract .vhd 2. Covert it via running: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 NSVPX-ESX-10.