Contract position

pros: Market standard is 30% extra compare to similar perm position, pro-rata basis.

Unlock Optus ZTE F286

Looks like this phone is getting remarkably popular with Optus Netflix deal.

rpmlib(FileDigests) / rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed

This means you are attemping to install a RPM created in CentOS6+ from CentOS5.

gnu parallel

So I was testing this today and this is the message I saw when I ran it:

Ports for WDS

Ports for WDS Google search said ‘The following TCP ports need to be open for WDS to work across a firewall: 135 and 5040 for RPC and 137 thru 139 for SMB.

Query of the century

My co-worker showed me this today and it’s just gorgeous.

Hue with LDAP doesn't start up after Cloudera Manager upgrade

Latest Cloudera Manager omit ldap_username_pattern entry from hue.ini build process.

How to get free credit reports in Australia

Generally takes 10 business days. 1. Experian Drop an email to creditreport@au.

Merging multiple avro files into single file using python

Couldn’t find any good example from Web so made one by myself.

Catches novated lease company never tell you

Some knowledges I have accuqired from using novated lease for last 2+ years.